Video Games Database Scanner Recenzje App


I love the app

Keeps moving things around

Update 7/5/18 it freezes and crashes now when I open it was messing with some setting now it just freezes and crashes. Not sure how it is happening when I go in the app I find that a game name has been changed picture has been changed or the game is in a different console section different from what I saved it to. Also big fail has to be connected to the internet to check collection there is some times at a certain place I shop I never can get Cell reception.

great but app has missing items

app drains battery power quicker than some of my games (gta) app works when it does and sometimes just does a loading logo on the screen great way to track your collection. updates needed are interactive gaming figures, xavix, nintendo color tv, entex adventure vision also for each game have a selection to know if the game is all together or just the game without the manual also have each system list be numbered also for the wish list section color code the back of each item with bronze silver gold for those that would like to know what games you want the most (gold back) to the games that you can wait awhile for (bronze back)


I thought this app let me play games on your phon but correct me if I’m wrong but it added my game to eBay I don’t care if someone try’s to buy it I’m not gonna sell it plus I’m only 11

Love this app

Great for keeping track of you videogame collection

Love it!

East to organize, easy to add to, easy to view. Love it. Will recommend to my collector friends. Great app!

Efficient and Reliable

I had issues when this app originally launched, but improvements have been made. It’s a good app.

Keeping track well.

Scanning the boxes is a great benefit to keeping track on this app. The only downside is I find myself looking for covers online, but it’s a little gripe.


Allows you to add games not in the database

Would love to see one essential feature added

This app is great to keep track of what you have and don’t have. Customer service is efficient and helpful too! One thing I would love to see in an update is a game count per system feature. Something that tells you how many games you have on PS1, how many you have on SNES, N64, etc... that would be a really nice addition!

Video collections

Highly recommend!!

Needs updates

App works fine enough when I can use it. It seems to be reliant on internet connection. So when I want to see my collection, I open up the app where it just sits there spinning and spinning. Never showing any of my collections. I assume it’s connecting to the developers servers. But never does. This happens far too often. I don’t understand why I can’t save my collection offline. I def don’t want to use this collection app anymore. But unfortunately I have a large collection and it’s going to take a while to move it over from this app. If it would actually work consistently!!!


App limits main features unless you buy the $10 version of the app. Also tried posting a review from the app asking what I thought but it never posted to the App Store. It’s a cash grab that tries to silence criticism.

Cool but pricy

Very handy app but is behind a 10 dollar price tag. Don’t think it’s worth that much at all.

It’s decent

Good way to keep track of your collections. Just wish there wasn’t a paywall to modify your entries.

Excellent App a Must for any Collector!

This app is excellent. It has help me manage my collection I highly recommend it!

Great Collection manager

But can’t follow on Twitter on iOS 11 to unlock the extra themes

Just ok

Not optimized for iPad, needs access to pricing with collectors sites for overall collection value, platforms and accessories would be nice for collection

Constantly Crashing!!!!

App constantly crashes when trying to add games!

Cheap way to con

Let’s you scan about 10 or so and then forces you to pay 6 bucks for pro version....such cheesy way to get a buck out of you....

Missing Several Critical things.

So I have been using this App for more than a couple of years and while they update it they are not updating critical things to collectors. 1)There is No price charting in how much your collection is worth except using Ebay which is off. They should use Pricingcharting or Gamevaluenow for video games. Collectors need to place VALUE FOR INSURANCE! 2) They don't have a informational tabs that suggest whether if it's-Loose, Complete in the Box, New Sealed, or Graded! These 4 things are critical to video Game collectors because the value and information is important 3) they don't allow Strategy guides or Video Game collectibles to scan since they have other apps but what they are missing is that Video Game Collectors strictly - "video games" NOT "Strategy Guides/ aka books, and they figures. They are collecting Video Game Collector Stuff! That stuff includes - Games (cartridge, complete in box, Graded or sealed), Strategy Guides, Game figures because most collectors editions NOW INCLUDES FIGURES! Please update the APP FOR MODERN VIDEO GAME COLLECTOR.

Great app

A fantastic and very organized way of keeping your collections concise and easy to manage. It's great whenever I am at a flea market or a used video game store and I am not sure of what I have or what I need. So, in a pinch, I always pull this app up and I'm able to get the answers I need right at my fingertips.

Great App...

...nice to get all my PS3, PSVita and PS4 games organized! Customizable to create you own VideoGame Library. I'm using this app since day one and I'm very satisfied even though I would love to see a few more options.

Quick and easy

I probably dont even use all of the features. But this is quick and simple to use. Helps keep track of things so I am not buying doubles and such.

Not all features are included - description misleading

The application does not provide all the features listed in the description for free. The barcode scanner along with other tools will prompt for payment. Be aware what the application is advertised as having is there but you may not get it for free

10/10 👌🏻

This is the best video game library app I've ever used soo many other apps limit the app and the amount of games in the collection but this app doesn't and it is one of my favorite app I have! I absolutely recommend this app to anyone that is collecting or has a larger amount of games. There is really only one thing that should really be add, when you try to add a game to your library and that game is already on your wishlist you need to change over to your wishlist delete it and switch back it's not a big problem for a lot of people but I have over 4000+ games in my wishlist and it takes time for it to load so it's a fairly large inconvenience but other then that this app is awesome !! 💕

Has Great Potential - Quite Buggy

Love the layout and the bookshelf appearance. Really is a nice touch. A+ for the huge database, barcode scan, metadata editing, etc. Lots of customization for each title which is great if you collect rare limited and special editions of your favorite games. Uploading custom cover art is MUCH APPRECIATED. However, after paying $5.99, it does have more bugs than I would expect. Settings revert back to their defaults, barcode scanning occasionally crashes the app, viewing the cover art, then going back to the library sometimes causes it to not register/freeze. Cropping the cover art isn't the easiest thing to do because it is glitchy at times and just not as intuitive as what you would expect from a cropping feature. A few things need to be polished up, like tapping/swiping on the cover art to flip to the back cover art instead of having to hit the button in the top right corner. Just little clean-ups here and there that would make this app SO SO much better and really unmatched, in my opinion. Lots of potential, just really needs some polishing and more intuitive touch controls. Get it, hopefully wait for updates and bug fixes.

Beats pen and paper method!!!

Wow I was so happy when I found this app! Easy to use and really helps remember which games I have and which ones I don't! Also show the IGN rating and a rough estimate of eBay prices. But I will say a lot of this stuff can be inaccurate due to users being the way these thing are added. If you have the extra scratch pick up CLZ Games app! Way better!! But for 5.99 I think this is a good starter! Eventually I will lay the $15 for the CLZ Though. Thanks!

Good but 5 bucks??? I can buy games with that

Good but the nice features cost $5 kinda a lot for a barcode scanner and offline mode... I'd pay if it was like $1 or $2 but $5 you wild

Great App!!

I really like this app but the one thing I HATE about it is that you can't edit information on games you manually add so it kinda becomes a HUGE pain in the butt if you forgot to add something

Awesome app

I just love this app and the fact is has an achievements section to add a little more substance to the app

Just want I needed!!!!

200 games in and still going. Nice. Simple. Easy. Thank You

Freezing app

I have input about 300 games and now all it does is freeze

Collector's MUST

If you are a physical disc/cartridge collector, this app is an absolute must have!

Needs cross buy

I purchased the iPhone version of this app thinking I could also edit with the ipad version. Nope they are separate buys. I wish the developer would allow me to use both the ipad and iPhone version since I did pay. Nice app though works great. Update 07-22-15 App has crashed and cannot see any games I put in here which makes it absolutely frustrating. Making this a 1 star review till this is fixed. Update 04-04-17 App is great but could be better if they added a video game counter for each of your systems.


Garbage!!! By game 15, it is charging you already. Not worth it if you're looking for a freebie. Also, it does not make list for separate game systems. You just get stuck with a gigantic list if you are dumb enough to pay.

Could be so much better if not for greed

Love the app as it's great for keeping tabs on your collection, and would give more stars if it weren't for the astronomical pricing for the accompanying desktop apps. If the prices for those become more realistic I will revise my review.

Great catalog app for games

I've been trying out various catalog apps and found this to be the most satisfying. Some of the cover images are not that great, but you do have to option of adding your own. Happy so far.

Great App

Great App

Room for improvement

I have been using this app for months to catalog my game collection. I enjoy the features provided. The one thing I really wish it had though, is a total software count per platform. If this gets patched in I will raise my star rating.

Great organizer and time saver

Super easy to look up my inventory to see if I have a game already.

Best organization app

Pretty good app but it needs more backgrounds


Fantastic app

Library for days

Love how I can put everything in this app regardless of game type or console the games are on.


It's okay too bad Collectorz is too expensive.

Sort it

If you want a fun and easy way to catalog your collection try Sort it's apps they rock. They make collecting fun. Thank you for such a cool app.

Awesome !!!

Perfect for collectors !!!

Game collecting good

So far so good. Nice organization. Looking forward to further updates.

Great app

Don't really like not all the popular game variants aren't on there, but for a free app, it's awesome!

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