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Video Games Database Scanner app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 3040 ratings )
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Developer: iCollect
Current version: 6.5.3, last update: 10 months ago
First release : 03 Nov 2011
App size: 58.92 Mb

Catalog and manage all of the video games inventory. For Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 Pro and standard, Xbox One (including X and S), Nintendo Wii U, PS3, PS2, Xbox 360, Wii, 3DS, 2DS, DS, N64, arcade, classic computer systems like Commodore 64, and much more! View information, cover, and add personal details.

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Uses barcode scanning, database search and manual barcode entry.

Here are just a handful of the features you get with this app:

- Create a free account and store your video games collection list in the cloud online. Access from any iOS device any time!

- Syncs directly with so you can manage your collection online at any computer!

- Create a Wishlist of existing and new video games that youd like to eventually own.

- Filter an Sort on any field of information within a video game.

- A coverflow view to see all of your video games when you turn your device sideways.

- Sort with the words The and A in the title.

- Library or List views. View your collection as youd see it on a wall.

- Add your person details to a video game: Loaned To, Purchase Price, Storage Location, etc.

- Edit any video game details that are incorrect. All of our data is user driven so correct it as need and it will fix it for everyone!

- Support for all countries, platforms, number of players, personal high scores, etc.

- High resolution cover art for each video game.

- Full barcode scanning (10 items free, then in-app purchase).

- Bulk Scanning to add your video games to the application even quicker (in-app purchase).

- Shake to select a random item in your collection.

- Offline viewing of collection, export your collection, extra themes, and more! (in-app purchases)

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Like Discogs for video games! Better than Collectorz and Delicious Library.

Pros and cons of Video Games Database Scanner app for iPhone and iPad

Video Games Database Scanner app good for

This app is as awesome as its consumer service ! Thank you so much !
This is the best app i found so far... Bought a lot of others but none like this. Im only giving it 4 stars because on this version you cant put custom labels and custom options on the available labels. Still, this app has a great potential! Totally recommended!
Its a useful app,and it can help me manage the video games.really cool
So far, so good! Im sorry that I hadnt used these apps sooner. I have a couple of "other apps" for my other collections, but they were missing two more that I needed. And to be able to use these apps on both my iPhone AND iPad... Brilliant!! The only thing I would suggest is a 4-digit passcode for quicker access and added security... just in case.
Half the time I dont remember what games I own. Now with this app I can view all if them in one place.
The only thing i would like its to have some other language like french

Some bad moments

About 5,5€ for this app? Sorry, I will keep using my open office calculator.
This app is very good for all video games. Its easy to use. But when I add a video game, sometime its OK and sometime it disappear and when I try to re-add the same video game, it stays for a minute and disappear again. Its very hard to be sure that what you enter is gonna stay. Even when I export the file after I have entered all my video games theres some missing. I have sent the problems but got no answer.
The app crashes 50% of the time and every update they put out seems to make things worst, the barcode camera scan used to work great, now they changed the size of it and its a real pain to try to scan a barcode, its faster to manually write everything.
Why do I have to buy this app again ... Ugh I want to give this app a negative star rating
Cant browse games can only search for specific games all I really wanted it for was to browse
If you dont pay for pro its useless, and if you want to use it on an iPhone and an iPad you have to buy pro on both. You cant even edit your collection on a device without pro. The website is as useful as a device without pro. It is just a cumbersome and slow list. The barcode scanner is a nice feature when it works. There is no tap to focus, so if the auto focus does not work you have to trick it. Manually database searching is increasingly inaccurate the older a game is. Though there are field for things like publisher, developer, release year, IGN score it does not pull anything in from online resources. Everything has to be entered manually by someone. It would also be nice to have the ability to add hardware.

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